+What’s new?

There are now two sites for Christmas in Windsor: the public one as in the past and a new vendor site accessed from the public pages.

Public – This site ( has three changes.
  1. QR codes will be displayed online and at the entrance to the show to help attendees find vendors and crafts of interest to them.

Vendor - The vendor portion of the website lets a vendor temporarily hold booths, pay for booths to actually reserve them, update registration information, clear held booths that have NOT been paid for.

  1. Various screen formats have been changed to simplify usage.
  2. A new page has been created on which a vendor can describe their booth in as much detail as they can in 255 characters. This will be used in a new option for attendees. Clicking on a QR code, an attendee will be taken to a web page with a list of vendors and booths. Clicking on a vendor/booth will display the information you add here. With nothing entered here, the craft you registered with will be displayed.
+How do I reserve a Booth?
To reserve a booth follow these steps:
  1. Create an account. During this step, you need to read the rules if you have not, agree that you are qualified to participate, and agree that you will abide by the rules.
  2. Log in to the site through the "Reserve Booths" link on the Pulic page.
  3. Click "Reserve Booths" link on the vendor page. This takes you to an image of the three Rec Center rooms used for the show: the Evergree Room, the Main Gym (Gym), and the Auxiliary Gym.
  4. Click the room you want, and that room's image shows up in detail. Booths that are neither grey (temporarily held) nor red (already paid for and reserved) are available.
  5. In this process you are selecting the booths you want for the show. Select up to 3 booths to reserve (one at a time or in aggregate). Do not select more than you want. Be sure to select ALL you want. If you want three, you could select and pay for them one at a time. But, in that case, someone could click and reserve one of the other booths you want. So make sure you have selected all the booths you want before paying. Note that red (reserved) booths will display the craft of that vendor. It is best to not pick a booth next to a vendor with the same craft as yours. Clicked booths turn grey and will be "held" until paid for at which point they turn red. If not purchased, the hold will be released when you clear them or cancel them. If you logout or your session times out due to inactivity, they will be released.
  6. Pay for your booths by clicking the "Pay for your Booths" link. On that page you have about ten minutes to complete payment before your session times out.
  7. Click the Paypal button on the "Pay for your Booths" page. That takes you to Paypal. If you have a Paypal account paying is easy. Setting up an account is free and easy on the Paypal website. If you would prefer to just enter credit card information, use the Guest login. Scoll down to the "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" button and click that. This presents a standard form for payment using Debit or Credit cards. When payment is complete, your booth selections turn red.
  8. When done purchasing on Paypal, there will be a "return to merchant" link. Click that to return to Christmas in Windsor. Navigate back to the Reserve Booths page and check out your room to see that your booth has been reserved. Your name will not be displayed, but your craft type will be.
  9. As before, once paid for, you have committed to the show and the registration fee will not be returned. The Rules page describes both requirements for participation and expectations of the vendors. For extenuating circumstances, contact Quality Crafters through their email:

+How can I be put on a wait list?

Christmas in Windsor fills up quickly. If you can not reserve a booth and wish to participate in the pending craft fair, place your name on the wait list as follows:

  1. If you have not yet Signed Up (Registered) with Christmas in Windsor, do that now.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click update your information.
  4. At the top of the page, there is a "Check this box to be on the wait list" checkbox. Check the box.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button.
  6. Check the displayed status message to verify the request was successful.

You will then be notified when someone drops from the show. Every year, we have booths become available as the show approaches.

+How can I remove myself from your website?
Deleting your accout will remove your information from our database. Once you log in to your account, there is a clickable "Delete Your Account" link in the navigation list. Clicking this link takes you to the page where you can delete your account. If you have no booths reserved for the next show, the "Delete Me" button is clickable. If you have reserved a booth for the next show, the button is disabled and an error message is displayed. In that case, you must contact Christmas in Windsor and have your booth released before you can delete your account. As stated in the rules (contract), the Quality Crafters have no obligation to return the registration fee.
+Can I reserve the booth I had in the last show?

If you were a vendor in the last Christmas In Windsor craft fair, for the next show, you can NOT specify that you want the same booth. This may be an option in the future.

+How do I navigate around the vendors' Christmas in Windsor site?

Once you create an account on Christmas in Windsor and log in, the reservation links will become available to you. For a great example, check out "How do I reserve a booth?

+Why did you automate the registration process?

Because it has become increasingly difficult to manually handle reservations and fulfill all the special requests, we automated the registration process. Vendors now pick their own booths. While each vendor is expected to read the rules and requirements for participation before reserving a booth, we realize some may skip the rules and requirements. Any vendor checking the box that their items are handmade by them when they are not (read the Rules), will be asked to leave the show.

+Can I cancel a reservation that I paid for?

As in the past, once a booth has been paid for (reserved), there is no obligation on the Quality Crafters to return the fee should the vendor decide not to participate in the show. However, you may email the Quality Craters at and describe your situation.

+How can I get notified when the next show is open for reservations?

If you want to be notified when Christmas in Windsor opens for booth reservations, register on our site. All vendors in our database will be notified. Be aware that vendors from the previous year will be notified a day before other vendors. Any vendor who violates the rules, will be flagged in our database and not be allowed to participate in future shows.

+You didn’t charge for electricity in the past. Why now?

A basic booth is not a corner, has no electricity, and has no window. Corners and Electricity now have a fee attached. These fees are described on the "Pay for your Booths" web page. You may go to that page whether you have reserved booths or not.

In the past, we did not charge for electricity or windows. One member of Quality Crafters managed reservations and attempted to match the needs of vendors to the amenities of the booths. The COVID year resulted in so many drops and changes, that managing needs of vendors became difficult. This is why we have automated the process. Now, if someone needs electricity, that vendor can reserve a booth that provides electricity. The additional fee will encourage those who don’t need that amenity to look for other booths.

+How will I know if a booth is a corner?

Look at the room layout. If a booth shows room for people to walk around a corner, that booth is a corner booth. On the "Pay for your Booths" page, the cost of the booth is broken down showing what amenities are included. You can review that prior to purchasing the booth. If you don't want it, you can cancel or clear it and start over.

+How will I know if a booth has electricity?
A booth with electricity has this icon displayed: .

In the spirit of Christmas, we hope a vendor who has paid for electricity will be willing to share it with adjacent neighbors who might need it. However, a vendor who has paid for electricity has no obligation to share it.

+How will I know if a booth has a window?

A booth with some window presence has this icon displayed:

Currently, the only booths with windows are in the Evergreen Room.

+How can I find the cost for electricity and windows?

The cost for Electricity and Window presence can be found on the "Pay for your Booths" page.

+Are there any known bugs?

If you keep one of the Christmas in Windsor pages open and idle for about 30 minutes and then click a button or link on the page, the application generates an exception and displays a “crash” page. The problem could not be easily fixed for ALL browsers, so a decision was made to live with the crash. It should not impact the efficacy of the site.